Business Insurance

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Every day you work hard to ensure that your business stays up and running. But sometimes things happen outside of your control. Those very things may cause serious damage to your place of business. Whether it be a weather event, fire, act of crime, sudden discharge from water appliances, or high flood waters we have the right protection for you. If you place of business falls apart, then we help you pick up the pieces. It’s our practice to provide your commercial building and contents with replacement-cost coverage so that you can get back to business as quickly as possible.  Contact us today for more information.

Commercial General Liability INSURANCE

Commercial General Liability policies issued by Tower Insurance & Financial Services, LLC. can prevent major financial losses in the event your business finds itself in the cross-hairs of a major lawsuit. Businesses never know what the financial outcome of liability suits will be, so our team of agents makes sure that you liability coverage is as broad as possible. Through having the property commercial general liability in place your business can continue on business as usual.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

Our experienced team is committed to providing insurance solutions that keep businesses of all sizes protected in a comprehensive way. That is why we package a collection of vital coverages in one policy when possible. A Business Owners Policy (BOP) allows your business to have broad protection all in a single policy that combines Property, General Liability, and Crime Insurance, as well as other auxillary coverage types based on your company needs. Contact us today for more information.

Workers Compensation

Employees work to deliver excellence through their company’s products and services. And while doing that sometimes accidents can happen. These unfortunate occurrences can cause employees to suffer injuries that are minor, major, or even fatal. Accidents of this sort can be damaging to the operations and health of the business. Workers compensation coverage compensates the employees, and allows owners to stay focused on managing personnel.


Tower Insurance & Financial Services, LLC. understands the value of your commercial vehicles and the employees who drive them. Whether it’s hauling freight across the country to local deliveries, your commercial vehicle and vehicle fleets are constantly on the roadways. Our business auto coverage sees to it that business resumes quickly even when accidents happen. We have the best protection for your businesses vehicles, drivers, and freight. Don’t let an accident on the road cost you clients and revenue!  Contact us for more information.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

As a business owner, keeping your business insured is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. But if you don’t have a sufficient amount of coverage, your current policy may not have the extra layer of protection needed for situations that can jeopardize your finances or even your operations.

A Commercial Umbrella policy will provide your business with additional coverage should a lawsuit or major accident exceed the limits of your underlying commercial general liability & commercial auto policies.

Professional Liability INSURANCE

While it is important for your business to have general liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury, we recommend Professional Liability Insurance for certain industries. Many professionals render services or work that’s not via a tangle product , but done on paper (i.e. architects, attorneys, accountants, engineers, etc.). Contact us today for more information.