Life Insurance

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Are your family or loved ones covered if the unexpected happens to you? Let our experienced agents guide you through the process of identifying the right life insurance policy that will supply ample protection for your family in your greatest time of need.  While each type of life policy has its benefits, every client’s particular circumstances will dictate which option best suits them at this particular point in time. 

 Our office offers free life policy reviews year around. Life changes happen all the time so we help your life insurance keep pace with those same changes. Our seasoned agents will help make sure you have the most appropriate life policy we have to offer. Life insurance premiums start at $200.00 a year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which life insurance is the best, term life insurance or permanent life insurance?

    Neither is better than the other. Both life insurance policies often fill different needs for people. The type that a client may need varies household to household.

  2. Can people with health challenges still purchase life insurance?

    Of course, health challenges do not necessarily make a person ineligible for life insurance.

  3. At what age should I buy life insurance?

    As soon as possible! You’ll never be a day younger than you are today, and likely not healthier than you currently are.

  4. How much life insurance should I buy?

    That amount of life insurance one needs varies person to person. Our team of agents completes life insurance need assessments to help people answer that exact question.